The Girl and the Night Shadows

The nine-year-old girl sat in the corner of her room. Tears ran down her face as the malevolent shadows became visible once again. The apparitions danced on the walls, stretching their ghastly hands toward her. They whispered their intent to consume the girl. She thought of a rhyme her mother would say. Stay away, stay … Continue reading The Girl and the Night Shadows


Frail Memories

My love, my darling, how I miss you dearly. This horrific conflict stole you away from me too early. I yearn for your warm affection once more, caressing me through these tragic times of war. I lay in bed and close my eyes. I recognize your tender face. So beautiful and full of life. I … Continue reading Frail Memories

Celestial Stars

Ten-year-old Tommy watched the vehicles pass by on the road from his bedroom window and listened to their distant whoosh as they continued on. The nighttime air blew into his room and brushed his face. As Tommy viewed a semi-truck rumble across the road, something in the night sky above caught his attention. His eyes … Continue reading Celestial Stars

On the Hill, the House of Innocence

Escaping his captors through the twilight, the injured soldier trudged up a hill. Upon reaching the summit he observed a magnificent house. Approaching the opened door, he saw a spacious room of allure and comfort within the dwelling. “I am bloody and weak from the murderers of my home,” shouted the soldier, “is anyone in … Continue reading On the Hill, the House of Innocence

Armless with a Maw

I awake from my nap and can sense its presence through the darkness of my bedroom. It stands in the doorway, a humanoid figure without arms. I can feel its hungry glare towards me. I realize my body has become impaired with fear. It approaches me. My heart is pounding faster. I affirm it has … Continue reading Armless with a Maw